PPE Organisers

The Sterri-Matt PPE Organisers were designed in conjunction with an Australian hospital clinic team in response to the need to effectively store personal protective equipment to encourage efficient PPE use and better infection control compliance. Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, the range has expanded to accommodate the specific needs of different environments. With Flu season and the like becoming bigger and longer each year, the Pandemic PPE unit is the ideal station for waiting areas to encourage the public to wear a mask, blow their nose or use antibacterial wipes.
The Mobile station is a bespoke universal stand for use with the PPE consumables organisers. The stand is adjustable to take either the small, mini, pandemic or gown|mask organiser, according to your requirements. The stable base with lockable wheels allows for easy transport between stations. You can choose to include a clip on double-sided warning sign. It is an ideal infection control addition where wall space is not available for the wall mount organisers. The base is in infection control yellow to ensure it is highly visible and the durable construction ensures the station withstands the rigours of constant use.

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  • High quality: Pre-treated rust prevention
  • Built for HealthCare environment: Meets infection control guidelines
  • No flat surfaces: Durable wipe clean coating
  • Universal fit for PPE items: Adjustable arms for secure fit
  • Wall or door mount options: Modular mobile stations
  • Hospital & clinically designed:
PPE Organisers Brochure