Invisa-beam is an early warning monitoring device. The precise invisible beam continuously monitors the bed or chair and when the patient/resident attempts to leave the bed or chair, an alarm is transmitted, alerting the carer to assist. There are several monitor options available. The standard bed monitor attaches to the bed head to monitor the side of the bed along the full length of the bed. It is power operated. There is also a free-standing option which is height adjustable and offers the optional extra of battery operation. The chair or low level bed monitor is a height adjustable 2 in 1 monitoring system. A simple turn of a knob selects whether you are monitoring the width of a chair or the length of a bed. It is also useful for doorways and bathrooms. It can be mains or battery operated.

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  • Aids for falls prevention: from beds or chairs
  • Alerts nurse at earliest stage: when patient attempts to leave the bed
  • Assists with patient security: alerts the staff of unauthorised entry to bed
  • Total wireless operation:
  • Can be used for lowered beds: