Floorline LTC Nursing Bed

The LTC is a true floorline bed, going all the way down to 9.5cm off the ground and thereby minimising the risk of falls without the need for restraints. The four-sectioned bed is fully electrically operated to enable ease of movement while ensuring best No Lift practices. The fully enclosed moulded ABS plastic headboards are a tidy way of containing the adjustment electrics. The one piece design if fully foldable and can be wheeled on all 4 castors for easy transport.
The LTC Floorline is a one-piece designed bed that is fully folding. It concertinas into a compact unit that can be easily wheeled around on the 100mm castors or stored in the folded position to reduce demand on storage space.

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“True” floor level bed - lowest level at 9.5cm
Powered adjustments: height | backrest | knee break | Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg
Optional battery back up
Auto contours when being adjusted
Ability to lock out remote control
Smoothline mattress platform for improved infection control
Cardiac chair position when fitted with kneebreak

  • Floorline: "True" floor level bed - 9.5cm at lowest
  • Powered Adjustments: Height | backrest | knee break | Trendelenburg
  • Auto contours: Auto contours when being adjusted
  • Battery: Optional battery backup
  • Width: 90.5cm
  • Height: 9.5cm - 70cm
  • Length: 215cm
  • S.W.L: 200kg
  • Mattress Platform Width: 90cm
  • Mattress Platform Length: 200cm
  • Extension (built-in): 17.5cm
  • Backrest Angle: 0° - 70°
  • Knee Break Angle: 0° - 110°
  • Trendelenburg Tilt: -18° to 18°
  • Regulatory Compliance: AS/NZS 3200-2-38 | IEC 60601-1 | 60601-2-52
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