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RoMedic EvaDrive

The EvaDrive is a new motorised mobile lift which greatly reduces the force required to manoeuvre a patient while they’re in the lift, with the aim of reducing risk to carers and the ongoing potential risk of load injuries. The EvaDrive handle perceives every move with just the lightest touch while still allowing for precision steering. The rear wheels turn to any angle by using the control panel buttons. This lateral movement facilitates the ability to move into narrow spaces. The EvaDrive is available as either the EvaDrive 450 or the EvaDrive 600. However, it is also possible to easily convert your existing Eva450 or Eva600 using the conversion kit.

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  • Sensitive ergonomic handle: Effortless, precise positioning
  • Motorised: Reduced risk of injury to carer
  • Conversion kit available: Convert existing Eva450 or Eva600
  • Warranty: 18 months
  • 450 Width: 68.5cm
  • 450 Length: 145cm
  • 450 Inner leg width: 58.5cm - 88cm
  • 450 Product Weight: 54kg
  • 450 Lifting range: 50cm - 179cm
  • 450 S.W.L: 205kg
  • 600 Width: 80cm
  • 600 Length: 157cm
  • 600 Inner leg width: 65cm - 105cm
  • 600 Product Weight: 64kg
  • 600 Lifting range: 50cm - 181cm
  • 600 S.W.L: 270kg
EvaDrive Brochure Eva Drive User Manual