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Invacare Pivot Sling

Special slings known as Pivot Slings are required for use with the Pivot Frames. The slings are manufactured from polyester fabric or mesh (suitable for bathing). These slings allow the patient to be lifted in either a sitting of lying position, ideal for lifting on and off a bed or the floor. The unique pivot with anti-lock at the end of the boom allows the whole frame to be rocked back and forward to assist with the correct positioning of the patient. The frame spreads the sling attachment points to ensure the patient’s hips are not excessively flexed, avoiding the discomfort obese patients sometimes experience with standard slings. Invacare Slings are designed to be simple and safe to use for both home and institutional patient lifting. The sling attachment straps are colour coded for sizing to allow easy sling selection and identification. To be used by a qualified carer in conjunction with an appropriate Invacare patient lifting device to support patients with disabilities. Patients must be within the capacity indicated on the sling. The carer must adhere to the usage guidelines identified in the relevant slings instruction manual. All slings come with a one year limited warranty.

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Invacare Pivot Slings are available in five sizes in a choice of fabric or mesh. The sling allows a patient to be lifted in either a sitting or lying position. The ability to position a patient in the sitting posture greatly assists correct seating. A more open lift. Recommended for general lifting including floor lifting.

  • S.W.L: XS - XXL = 205kg
  • Sizing: Please refer to the sizing chart in the description
Invacare Sling Sizes Patient Handling Booklet