Lift Assist Hammock Spacer Sling

Lift assist Hammock slings are made using Spacer fabric; a two way stretch warp knitted polyester with a monofilament “spacer” yarn separating the 2 sides of the cloth. This unique design means the fabric is breathable and contributes to an improved microclimate and therefore improved pressure mapping when seated on the sling. Practice guidelines suggest that lifting slings should be removed between lifts but this often does not happen due to time constraints, difficulties refitting the sling or specific requests to avoid unnecessary handling. Spacer slings now offer an alternative fabric that doesn’t impact negatively on air and moisture permeability and can help eliminate shear.

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The Lift Assist Hammock Spacer sling is available in five sizes. It is made from two way stretch warp knitted polyester with monofilament spacer yarn, which is air and moisture permeable, to  improve comfort, strength and durability.

General sizing guide:


  • S.W.L: 250kg
  • Sizing: Please refer to the sizing chart in the description
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