RoMedic EVA Drive

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In the healthcare sector the cost of manual handling incidents and especially back injuries is increasing as is the number of people requiring care and transfer assistance. Our goal is  to provide new and innovative lifting and transfer aids that reduce the risk to carers and  avoid these load injuries.

That is why we have created EvaDrive, a new motorized mobile lift which greatly reduces the force required to manoeuvre the patient while in the lift. EvaDrive runs almost without any effort, even in narrow spaces. With its intuitive control handle it is easy to operate. The EvaDrive is the right choice for lifting in connection with transfers to and from the bed, chair or floor as well as for horizontal repositioning and gait training.

EvaDrive operates intuitively and almost without force. The handle perceives your every move. With the tip of your finger you can move EvaDrive into very narrow spaces, when for example repositioning a patient in bed in a small hospital room. EvaDrive will turn, reverse, and run forward simply by gently touching the handle in the desired direction. It knows where you want to go – and takes you there! A single carer can easily operate the lift with a plus size user without using any force.


Eva450 Drive:
Outer dimension of base: 68.5cm - 98cm
Inner dimension of base: 58.5cm - 88cm
Lifting height: 50cm - 179cm
Product Weight: 58kg
S.W.L.: 205kg

Eva600 Drive:
Outer dimension of base: 75cm - 115cm
Inner dimension of base: 65cm - 105cm
Lifting height: 50cm - 181cm
Product Weight: 64kg
S.W.L.: 270kg

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