Thermo Bowl 203 Little Heroes

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The thermo bowl from the Thermo series keeps food warm or chilled for much longer with a simple, hidden trick. The space around the rim can be conveniently filled with hot or iced water through the practical filling holes, so that the food maintains its temperature.

Even slow eaters can enjoy their food right up to the last bite. Non-slip grip handles ensure a firm hold and also serve as closures for the filling holes. The anti-slip ring on the base of the thermo bowl guarantees a firm stand and a secure hold.

Ideal as a care aid for children, older people and anyone who eats a little more slowly due to a handicap. This makes the bowl a practical everyday helper for babies and children and it can also be used as a learning plate or feeding plate.


Diameter: 19cm
Height: 6cm
Cavity Capacity: 200ml
Weight: 290g
Dishwasher Safe

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