Dyna-Tek Owl Cushion

The Dyna-Tek® Owl provides exceptional pressure redistribution via it’s “Owl contoured design”. A uniquely designed postural management product, this cushion is made specifically for users considered to be at High Risk of pressure ulcer development. It is designed predominantly for use in a wheelchair, housing the ischial tuberosities within it’s circular surface in areas where skin is normally vulnerable to breakdown. The design also takes into consideration pelvic tilt aspects among other key areas and provides the ultimate combination of pressure care and patient comfort.

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  • Unique "Owl" surface design: "Eye" area protects ischial tuberosities and creates pelvic stability
  • Profiled foam surface: Provides excellent pressure redistribution
  • Quality CME foam: Prevents bottoming out and assists patient transfer
  • Multi-stretch, vapour permeable cover: Reduces shear and friction forces
  • Cover impregnated with anti-fungal agent: Assist infection control
  • Non-slip base: Aids moving and handling, improving patient safety
  • Optional sag compensator: Suitable for wheelchair users
  • Width: 33cm - 53cm
  • Height: 7.5cm
  • Length: 33cm - 53cm
  • Product Weight: 1.3kg
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • S.W.L: 152kg
  • Sizing: Cushion must be correctly sized to the individual
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