Dyna-Tek Pad Cushion

The Dyna-Tek® Pad Cushion has been created for users considered to be “At Risk” of pressure ulcer development. The specialist “castellated cut” CMHR foam surface ensures the reduction of heat and moisture build up while achieving maximum pressure re-distribution. The vapour permeable cover is multistretch with a non-slip base. An economical product choice, ideal for use in a wheelchair, hospitals or homecare environment.

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  • CMHR castellated foam: Tear duct cut
  • Multi-stretch vapour permeable cover: Fabric impregnated with anti-fungal agent, launderable up to 95°C
  • Optional welded cover: Prevents fluid ingress and aids decontamination processes
  • Non slip base: Prevents slippage and improves patient safety
  • Optional sag compensator: Suitable for wheelchair users
  • Width: 33cm - 53cm
  • Height: 10cm
  • Length: 33cm - 51cm
  • Product Weight: 1kg
  • Warranty: Cover - 2 years | Foam - 4 years
  • S.W.L: 127kg
  • Sizing: Cushion must be correctly sized to the individual
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