Roho Mosaic Cushion

The cost effective Roho Mosaic has been re-engineered and is now even better. The innovative design of the Mosaic allows you to sink comfortably into it while it shapes to the unique contours of your body. The cell heights are anatomically designed and match your shape and movements throughout the day. With the effective, controlled air flow, you can sit longer with less pain knowing you have proven Roho air-cell based technology supporting you. The range of sizes ensures optimal fit of your seating surface and more effective skin and soft-tissue protection.

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  • PVC construction: Optional contour base
  • Two-way stretch cover: Optional Heavy Duty cover
  • Includes hand inflation pump: Includes repair kit
  • Optional Planar solid seat insert:
  • Optional Privacy shield and cushion retainer:
  • Width: 41cm - 51cm
  • Height: 7cm
  • Length: 41cm - 46cm
  • Product Weight: 0.6kg
  • Warranty: 1 years
  • S.W.L: 143kg
  • Sizing: Cushion must be correctly sized to the individual
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