Roho Single Compartment – High Profile

Roho Dry FloatationĀ® technology decreases friction and shear while redistributing pressure. The cushions are fully adjustable to your shape, facilitating blood flow and minimizing tissue deformation. All postural adjustments are conveniently made while the user is seated, eliminating the need for transfer on and off the chair during the evaluation process. The cellular design and soft pliable material of the cushion provides maximum immersion and envelopment while allowing the cushion to constantly conform to and track movements of the body. The low profile cushion is designed for those with an active lifestyle and can be used as a secondary cushion on an office chair or in the car or anywhere extra cushioning is necessary.

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  • Flame resistant neoprene rubber: Cushion can be patched or repaired to extend use
  • Optimal environment: Individuals with skin or soft tissue integrity issues
  • Two way stretch cover: Machine washable
  • Shapes to the individual: Addresses their specific seating needs
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water:
  • Adds little weight to full mobility system:
  • Width: 29cm - 68cm
  • Height: 10.5cm
  • Length: 29cm - 63.5cm
  • Product Weight: 1.5kg
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • S.W.L: No limit, but cushion must be correctly sized to the individual
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