Vicair Vector

The Vicair Vector O2 cushion offers enhanced stability to the wheelchair user. This results in improved functionality of the upper body and expands the reach of the user’s arms. The cushion’s unique compartment layout reduces pressure in the vulnerable area around the sitting bones and tailbone. The Vector O2 provides excellent leg guidance, optimal skin protection and extra pelvic stability. The cushion is 100% machine washable and breathable, for optimal hygiene and perfect temperature and moisture regulation.

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Vicair Vector Cushion sizing chart

  • Nine adjustable compartments: Optimal stability
  • Ischial well - two compartments: Superior pressure reduction in IT-coccyx area
  • Firmer density trochanter support: Provides lateral stability | redistributes pressure
  • Front compartments: Provide leg alignment and stability
  • Mid height zip closure: Easy adjustment when client is seated
  • Width: 35cm - 60cm
  • Height: 6cm or 10cm
  • Length: 35cm - 60cm
  • Product Weight: 0.725kg
  • S.W.L: 250kg
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