Jay J3 Backrest

The J3 Backrest is the most versatile JAY wheelchair back. All options are lightweight and adjustable with numerous hardware choices to allow for easy installation. It offers four different support height levels provide support for a range of torso heights and different levels of injury. These include Lower Thoracic (16.5cm – 24cm), Mid Thoracic (30.5cm – 38cm), Upper Thoracic (42cm – 49.5cm) and Shoulder (53cm – 61cm). The solid shell is also available in five contour shapes to provide posterior and lateral pelvic and lateral thoracic stability. The Jay J3 Backrest offers four hardware options to accommodate a span of priorities and wheelchair configurations.

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  • Four Support Height Levels: Lower Thoracic | Mid Thoracic | Upper Thoracic | Shoulder
  • Five Contour Shapes: Posterior (PA) | Posterior Lateral (PL) | Posterior Deep (PD) | Posterior Deep Lateral (PDL) | Posterior Deep Contour (PDC)
  • Four Hardware Options: SH | RH | TH | 4-point
  • Width: 30.5cm - 66cm
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Height - Lower Thoracic: 16.5cm | 20cm | 24cm
  • Height - Mid Thoracic: 30.5cm | 34cm | 38cm
  • Height - Upper Thoracic: 42cm | 46cm | 49.5cm
  • Height - Shoulder: 53cm | 57cm | 61cm
  • SWL (30.5cm - 51cm Width): 136kg
  • SWL (56cm - 66cm Width): 226kg
  • ARTG Number: 145061
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