Freedom NXT Wheelchair

The NXT is one of the most rigid folding paediatric tilt-in-space wheelchairs available. It is conveniently lightweight and compact but still sufficiently strong and durable. As a paediatric wheelchair, it’s reassuring to know that the NXT is easily adjustable to accommodate growth spurts and ensure a good fit now and as your child grows. The NXT also incorporates the LEAF (lower extremity accommodation frame) and MAPS (multi-axis positioning system) solutions. As a result, the majority of lower extremity positioning challenges can be accommodated without any compromise in frame width, fit or function.

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Lower Extremity Accommodation Frame is available in left or right side or pair with 75° or 90° pop-up or swing away footrest hangers.
Accommodates abduction, adduction or windswept leg positioning challenges.
Multi Axis Positioning System accommodates foot/ankle rotation, inversion, eversion, plantar and dorsiflexion positioning challenges.

  • Foldable rigid paediatric wheelchair: Compact and lightweight (10kg)
  • Easy to transport: Remove wheels, flip back armrests, fold down back, pull strap to fold chair
  • Available in 3 frame sizes: Small | Medium | Large
  • Detachable footrests: Swing inward and outward
  • Each frame size has additional size adjustment possibilities in seat width and depth:
  • Seat depth extensions can be added to the back of the seat frame if necessary:
  • Attendant handles are height adjustable:
  • Product Weight: 10kg
  • Warranty: Frame - 5 years | Components - 1 year
  • S.W.L: 102kg
  • Seat Width: 25.5cm - 51cm (11 sizes)
  • Seat Depth - Small: 30.5cm - 41cm
  • Seat Depth - Medium: 35.5cm - 46cm
  • Seat Depth - Large: 41cm - 51cm
  • Seat Depth Extensions: 5cm | 7.5cm | 10cm
  • Seat Height: 32cm - 47cm
  • Tilt Range: 45°
  • Regulatory Compliance: AS/NZS 3695.1 | ISO 7176-19
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