Aviva Rx Powerchair

The AVIVA RX powerchair is designed to combat the challenges of everyday modern life. It’s compact, adjustable and comfortable. The patented CTC Suspension on this base gives great control, superior traction and extra comfort. It’s a compact chair that can really go the distance. The suspension can be easily changed from hard to soft to suit you. The technology works a bit like a ball and socket joint, so the base can move in all directions giving you a smooth drive.
The digital gyroscopic technology of the LiNX® G-TRAC® technology detects and corrects even the smallest deviation from your intended path, so you’ll go exactly where you want to go without having to tweak the control direction. It’s especially handy if you use any alternative control inputs with your chair.

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  • CTC Suspension: Great control with superior traction
  • Linx G-Trac Technology: Digital gyroscopic technology detects and corrects the smallest deviation
  • All four wheels of base stay in contact with the ground: Powers up hills
  • Elastomer dampeners: No squeaking in springs or chassis
  • Compact turning circle: Easy to navigate confined spaces
  • Product Weight: 148.6kg - 190.1kg
  • Warranty: 5 years - base & seat | 1 year - electronics & drivetrain
  • S.W.L: 136kg
  • Total length (without footrests): 100cm
  • Driving Unit Width: from 56cm
  • Turning Radius: 98cm
  • Speed: 10 | 12.5km/h
  • Driving Range: Up to 34km
  • Tilt: 0° - 50°
  • Recline: 170°
  • Battery Capacity: 60 | 73.5 Ah
  • Regulatory Compliance: AS/NZS 3695.2 | ISO 7176-19
Aviva RX Flyer