Symmetrikit Tiltrite Chair

Sitting properly takes effort to maintain a balanced position. If you are incapable of supporting yourself, you may need a little bit of functional support or a more complex solution. The modularity of the Symmetrikit Chair can help you by providing the amount of support that is just right for you. The range of height, width and depth adjustments available on the components, means the chair can be completely personalised. The fingerform back option involves individual “fingers” which can be adjusted up, down, in, out, set to one side or even to pivot allowing you to follow the spine and subsequently support the whole body. The versatility of this chair extends beyond just great support for relaxed sitting or lying. The Symmetrikit chair can be quickly repositioned to a more upright position for meal times, tilted head down for postural drainage and even used “back to front” as a wedge for prone stretching.

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Modular design for maximum adjustability
Perfect for rest, work or play
Tilt in space feature for comfort and pressure relief
Choice of supportive backs, including fingerform
Easy flip footplate and quick release fold down arms
Multifunctional: chair, bed, wedge, side lying
Optional accessories such as head rest, pommels, foot blocks, etc. for further customisation

  • Specifications provided apply to the Medium size chair:
  • Seat Width (Standard Arm): 31.5cm - 45.5cm
  • Seat Depth: 31.5cm - 52cm
  • Armrest Height: 16cm - 22cm
  • Seat Height: 58cm
  • Leg Length (with footrest): 23.5cm - 55cm
  • Seat Tilt: +20° to -30°
  • S.W.L.: 140kg
  • Regulatory Compliance: BS EN 12182 | BS EN 16139 | BS 8474
  • Warranty: 1 year
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