Symmslyde® is a slide sheet and positioning system that works as one, making it easy to achieve and maintain a comfortable supported position. It reduces the need to reposition while still allowing for sustained side lying, supine, prone or semi-side lying positions and can even be used by those who need to sit up in bed. A single carer working with a hoist or 2 carers, one on either side, start by using the built in slide sheet to move the client across. Raising the hoist or using the built-in straps to do a “log roll” allows the Symmetrisleep® supporting brackets to be put in place. The slide sheet is automatically disabled. Further Symmetrisleep® elements can be quickly added so that your client can be comfortably and securely supported in side lying either for sleep or super efficient hygiene changes. Moving back to semi side lying or supine lying can easily be done by one carer without the hoist.
Once Symmslyde® has got you to where you want to be, then Symmetrisleep® components are added to help to keep you there. Lifting the combined top sheet and overmantle allows the Symmetrisleep® brackets to lock onto the Velcro sheet below and at the same time disable the built in slide sheet. Fitting the brackets is easy & intuitive with no fiddling about. Some carers prefer to fit them when the user has fallen asleep. Experience shows that even when away from home, staff quickly take instruction from parents on how to use the systems successfully. Symmetrisleep can be used by day as well as at night.

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Symmetrisleep products meet the provision of Regulation (EU) MDR 2017/745 for medical devices in accordance with BS EN 12182 | BS EN 14533:2015 | BS 7177:2008 + A1:2011

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