Professional Development Workshops and Product Training.

We are very fortunate to have Senior Occupational Therapist, Julia Salmon as our training and development service provider. Julia’s years of practical experience provides invaluable insight into the clinical implications of equipment selection.

She is passionate about ensuring every individual has the most effective solution to suit their needs while presenting her workshops in a fun, informative way that keeps trainees engaged and involved.

Julia is also able to generate a bespoke Professional Development Workshop if you need to address a specific area for your staff or clinicians.

Providing our clients with quality equipment that best suits their needs is just the beginning. We want to make sure that our clients and clinicians feel confident with how to use the equipment properly and to make sure that they are maximising the benefits available through using all the possible features. With this in mind, we are always willing to provide further training on our products. This can take place at our premises, or if necessary, on-site at the client or facility.

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