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Seating Awareness (referencing Kirton Chairs)


Who Should Attend?

Allied Health | Staff Training Personnel | Facility Procurement Officers

Workshops are run at the HospEquip showroom and other locations.
On-site workshops can be arranged for over 12 participants

What Learning Objectives will be covered?

  • Identify normal posture patterns and postural abnormalities

  • Increase knowledge of the causes of pressure damage and methods that can be used to assess risk

  • Increase confidence in completing a seating assessment and implementing a posture seating plan

  • Increase knowledge of selecting Kirton products to meet clients’ needs, including set up and adjustment

Recognise | Assess commonly presenting postures

How tilt-in-space and correct positioning contribute to:

  • improved posture
  • increased sitting tolerance
  • more effective pressure management

Complete product matrix and information provided

  • Pressure Care Guide
    (HospEquip Booklet)
  • The Little Book of Seating
    (Seating Guide)
  • Seating for Clinicians
    (Educational Booklet)
  • Detailed Powerpoint handout
  • Postural Seating Quick Reference

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