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Who Should Attend?

Care Staff | Nursing Staff | Allied Health | Staff Training Personnel

It is beneficial to have mixed participant groups which include trained clinicians and care staff.

A practical workshop with time allocated for participants to practice with equipment.
On-site training can be arranged for groups of 10 – 15 participants

An on-site contact is required to act as the site link person for
planning / follow up and distributing resources

What Learning Objectives will be covered?

  • Identify and select from a range of positioning products for different needs
  • Identify and select most appropriate sling – style | size
  • Identify and select product options for bed mobility and assistance to reposition
  • Identify and select products for repositioning on the bed / chair
    transfer aids | product features – tilt and recline
  • Demonstrate understanding of methods and techniques used to assist a user to reposition themselves
  • Identify optimal postures for function and comfort throughout the day

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