Pressure Injury Prevention & Management

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Who Should Attend?

Care & Nursing Staff | Allied Health | Staff Training Personnel | Facility Procurement Officers

It is beneficial to have mixed participant groups which include trained clinicians and care staff. An on-site contact is required to act as the site link person for planning / follow up and distributing resources

What Learning Objectives will be covered?

  • Identify and describe different categories / stages of Pressure Injuries
  • Describe how body tissues are impacted by pressure and the relationship between force / area / pressure i.e. to understand and describe principles of pressure distribution and off loading
  • Identify and describe how pressure injury risk is influenced by multiple factors e.g. mobility, cognitive impairment, poor nutritional status, sensory perceptual issues etc. – relate to locally used PI assessment tool
  • Identify key body areas where PI is most commonly seen in this setting
  • Report the usual process of their facility management once PI risk / PI has been identified
  • Understand and demonstrate the correct use of pressure cushions including quick checks (selection tips for Allied Health prescribers)
  • Have knowledge of PI prevention and management resources

Identify stages / categories of PI

Understand contributing factors:

  • multi-factorial
  • assessment
  • local reporting process
  • management

Provide resources to assist in PI prevention

Seek feedback for staff / training co-ordinator regarding follow up

Develop follow up plan with on-site contact

  • Daily Checks to Reduce PI Risk
    (HospEquip A4)
  • Pressure Care Guide
    (HospEquip Booklet)
  • PPIPA Prevention & Treatment of Pressure Ulcers
    (Quick Reference Guide)
  • Range of Mattresses / Cushions used for PI management

(Hardcopy and Electronic copy)

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