Bure Double 2.0

The “double” in the Bure Double 2.0 refers to the dual set of actuators. The first provides assistance to patients by helping them to stand up using the power rise feature. This also helps prevent injuries to personnel who would otherwise usually have to manually assist patients. The second set of actuators electrically drive the frame widener, making it easy to adjust the leg width of the walker to suit the chair, wheelchair etc. and move right up close to the user. The forearm support height adjustment is stepless while the ergonomic handles are adjustable in every direction for optimum comfort. The open design of the walker provides room to manouevre and makes assistance with standing up and dressing easier. The compact footprint makes it perfectly suited to home or care accommodation, allowing easy passage through doorways. Some patients can even get up on their own using the easily reachable hand controller.

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  • Sustainable: Designed to last
  • Stable anatomical armrest pads: Shifts focus to larger muscle groups (legs | chest) for improved stability
  • Brakes and directional locks: Optional one or two handed brakes operational by user
  • Electric parts have IP65 international protection rating: Also suitable for use in wet spaces
  • Power rise: Assists user with standing, reducing risk of injury and strains to carers
  • Electric frame leg widening: Easy adjusting to width of chairs to get up close to user
  • Width: 64cm - 95cm
  • Height: 90cm - 130cm
  • Length: 87cm
  • Product Weight: 40kg
  • S.W.L: 150kg
  • Armrest | Internal dimension: 25cm - 50cm
  • Regulatory Compliance: EN 11199-3
Bure Double 2.0 Brochure Bure Double 2.0 User Manual