Bure Rise and Go DB

The Bure Rise and Go DB Walker is enhanced with a patented power rise function, making it a versatile stand assist lift, patient transfer and walking aid, all in one product. The stepless powered height and leg width adjustment allows simple, convenient and safe standing assistance. The walker incorporates the use of a split standing harness (available in 3 sizes) which fits over the patient’s lower back and bottom. Once the power rise is completed, the knee supports can be swung away to allow the Rise and Go DB to be used as a walker. Alternatively, by attaching the platform, patients can simply place their feet on the platform and are ready to be moved or transferred once the power rise is completed.

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  • Sustainable: Designed to last
  • Armrests fold out: Easier access to handles during standing
  • Height adjustable shin supports: Improves standing manoeuvre and swing aside to make space for walking
  • Electric parts have IP65 international protection rating: Also suitable for use in wet spaces
  • Power rise: Assists user with standing, reducing risk of injury and strains to carers
  • Electric frame leg widening: Easy adjusting to width of chairs to get up close to user
  • Power rise harness: Designed to reach low on bottom to provide optimum support and a natural standing action
  • Width: 66cm - 106cm
  • Height: 95cm - 135cm
  • Length: 101cm
  • S.W.L: 150kg
  • Armrest | internal dimension: 34cm - 67cm
  • Regulatory Compliance: EN 11199-3
Bure Rise and Go DB Brochure Bure Rise and Go DB User Manual