Bure Stand Tall Walker

The Bure Standard and Bure S StandTall Walkers are both available in three different varieties: Manual, Gas and Electric. The Bure S is just a narrower version of the Standard to allow it to fit in more confined spaces. The forearm support height adjustment is stepless for both varieties. The ergonomic handles are adjustable in every direction for optimum comfort. The open design of the walker provides room to manouevre and makes assistance with standing up and dressing easier. The compact footprint of the Bure S range makes it perfectly suited to home or care accommodation, allowing easy passage through doorways 70cm or wider. The manual gas versions can be adjusted to the individual’s height but do not need to change the height very often or require assistance from a power rise actuator. The electric versions are an excellent way to assist patients and users stand while minimising the risk of strain injuries to carers. Some patients can even get up on their own using the StandTall Walker using the easily reachable hand controller.

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  • Sustainable: Designed to last
  • Stable anatomical armrest pads: Shifts focus to larger muscle groups (legs | chest) for improved stability
  • Brakes and directional locks: Optional one or two handed brakes operational by user
  • Electric parts have IP65 international protection rating: Electric versions also suitable for use in wet spaces
  • Power rise on electric version: Assists user with standing, reducing risk of injury and strains to carers
  • S.W.L: 150kg
  • Standard Width : 78cm
  • Standard Length: 80cm
  • S (narrow) Width: 66cm
  • S (narrow) Length: 79cm
  • Standard Gas | S Gas Height: 90cm - 129cm
  • Standard Electric | S Electric Height: 90cm - 130cm
  • Standard Manual | S Manual Height: 90cm - 133cm
  • Standard Armrest | Internal dimension: 25cm - 50cm
  • S Armrest | Internal dimension: 30cm - 45cm
  • Regulatory Compliance: EN 11199-3
Bure Standard Brochure Bure Standard User Manual Bure Standard Gas User Manual