Action 5 | Action 5 Rigid Wheelchair

The Action5 is designed specifically for users with an active lifestyle. It offers an affordable chair with good drive performance that can easily be folded for handling, storage or transportation. The lightweight folding frame features step-less adjustability allowing very fine adjustments to be made. The patented “H-shaped” horizontal folding mechanism provides improved stability and the self-locking function ensures a secure seat position. Certain adjustments are even possible while the user remains seated.
The Rigid frame option makes for an even more robust, energy efficient lightweight wheelchair. Highly configurable, it offers the choice of fixed or swing away front frame for easier transfers or transportation. Crash Test Approved.

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  • Personalise with a choice of frame and accent colours: Adjustable centre of gravity and camber
  • Highly configurable with a selection of armrests, legrests & push handles: Backrest angle adjustment while person in chair
  • On-chair seat adjustments: Depth, angle, front and rear height
  • Backrest adjustments with built-in degree scale: Angle and height
  • Width: SW + 16-25cm
  • Height: 70cm - 110cm
  • Length: 54.5cm - 120.5cm
  • Product Weight: from 12.3kg | from 10.8kg
  • Warranty: Frame - 2 years | Components - 1 year
  • S.W.L: 100kg | 130kg
  • Seat Width: 30.5cm - 53cm (in 2.5cm increments)
  • Seat Depth: 35cm - 50cm (in 2.5cm increments)
  • Folded Width: 32cm - 38cm
  • Regulatory Compliance: AS/NZS 3695 | ISO 7176-19
Action 5 Wheelchair Flyer