Alber Twion Drive Wheels

Expand your possibilities and become more independent with the efficient Twion active drive. Compatible with virtually all common active wheelchairs, you can continue to use your current individually adapted wheelchair. It only requires a small lightweight bracket to attach to your existing wheelchair and can be easily removed with a quick release mechanism when transporting or if you would prefer to reattach your regular manual wheels. The patented EasyConnex charging plug magnetically connects to the charger socket (which also serves as an On/Off switch). The lithium-ion batteries in the wheel hubs guarantee years of trouble-free use and provide sufficient energy to handle going up and down steep slopes and allow you to cover greater distances.

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  • 24" wheels with Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution tyres: Electronics and battery integrated in wheel hub
  • Li-Ion batteries: Allow up to 1,200 charge cycles and approx 15km range
  • Battery charger to charge both batteries at same time: 4.5 hour charge time from flat
  • Optional Mobility Plus App for Smartphone: Additional features and modes
  • Product Weight: 6.3kg (per wheel)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • S.W.L: 145kg
  • Wheel Size: 24" (61cm)
  • Battery: 37V Li Ion
  • Regulatory Compliance: ISO 7176-14 | EN 12184
Alber Twion Drive Wheel Flyer