Advanair Medical Grade Air Purifiers

High quality & affordable air purifiers that provide clean, fresh air when you need it!

High Quality & Affordable Air Purifiers

Advanair air purifiers are helping healthcare facilities protect their clients, patients and staff, by providing safe clean air in waiting rooms, common activity areas and workplace environments. Reduce the spread of viruses and breathe fresh air with Advanair!

The perfect choice for healthcare facilities, small businesses or even the home!

Advanair - Exclusively sold by HospEquip across Australia

Medical Air Purifier Range

Product Features

> Reduces the spread of viruses (Including flu and COVID-19).
> Neutralises smells and odours, improving comfort levels.
> Eliminates bacteria and other dangerous contaminants.
> Reduces allergens in the air such as pollen, mould and dust.
> Freshens air quality with negative ions


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