Helping you make the most of your NDIS plan

HospEquip is a Registered NDIS Provider.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is being rolled out to provide funding to Australians with permanent and significant disability so they can receive the supports and services they need. Once eligible applicants have had their planning meeting and their NDIS plan has been approved, they can work towards achieving the goals set out in their plan.

Achieving these goals often requires Assistive Technology or equipment for mobility or recreational inclusion such as wheelchairs. Assistive Technology is any device or system that allows individuals to perform tasks they would otherwise be unable to do or increases the ease and safety with which tasks can be performed. These range from simple devices such as rollators and shower chairs to more specialised, complex requirements such as power wheelchairs or pressure mattresses.

We are able to work closely with your Occupational Therapist or clinician to find the Assistive Technology best suited to your needs and share with them our skills and knowledge to facilitate correct and safe use.

Our wide selection allows us to supply a product that can meet a participant’s individualised support needs. All our branches have showrooms if you need to try out some of the options or if you are the type of person who prefers a more hands on approach to decision making.

The NDIS website helps you better understand how to work with NDIS Providers like HospEquip and also the different ways you can purchase Assistive Technologies depending on whether you are self-managed, plan-managed or NDIA managed.