Freedom PRO CG

The PRO CG provides Precise Rotational Orientation – Centre of Gravity tilt-in-space mobility. The telescopic tilt arc minimises the frame length and glides smoothly on 8 maintenance free bearings. With multiple possible adjustments, the frame can be adapted to accommodate variations in seating products & user needs. It boasts several additional features, such as stainless steel positioning parts with clearly visible tilt angle identification and foot activated or dual-lever attendant activated brakes. The Dynamic Seating design incorporates a super reclining back (97° – 172°) and a super contracture footrest with an optional 3D replacement footrest hanger system which provides dynamic travel at the knee and foot/ankle flexion. The joints have 48 adjustment positions in 7.5° increments for knee angle, plantar/dorsiflexion foot positioning.

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Lower Extremity Accommodation Frame accommodates 22° of abduction, adduction or windswept leg positioning challenges and the Multi Axis Positioning System accommodates foot/ankle rotation, inversion, eversion, plantar and dorsiflexion positioning challenges.

  • Light weight compact design: Easy to push | turn | tilt | adjust
  • Tilt arc telescopes from 0° - 50°: (in 2° increments)
  • Robust stainless steel tilt arc locking mechanism:
  • Frame adjustments: Accommodate seating system and user growth / changes
  • Seating Dynamics suspension components: Absorb energy from uncontrolled movement
  • Optional Rocker Back and “3D” Footrest: Spring activated swing under anti-tipper
  • Warranty: Frame - 5 years | Components - 1 year
  • S.W.L: 113kg
  • Seat Width: 30.5cm - 51cm
  • Seat Depth: 30.5cm - 66cm
  • Seat Height: 33cm - 48cm
  • Back Angle: 80° | 90° | 100° | 110° | 120°
  • Tilt in Space: 0° - 50°
  • Back Recline: 97° - 172°
  • Regulatory Compliance: AS/NZS 3695.1 | RESNA WC-4:2012 19
PRO CG Wheelchair Flyer