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Medical Grade Advanair Air Purifiers

The Advanair air purifier systems are helping healthcare facilities, dental practices, veterinary surgeries and even early learning centres to protect their clients, staff and patients by providing safe clean air in waiting rooms, common activity areas and workplace environments. The unique design features are capturing 99.9% of contaminated particles down to 0.003 microns, smaller in size than all known ultrafine virus particles including COVID-19, Influenza and SARS. Comfort levels are improved by neutralising smells and odours while eliminating bacteria and other dangerous contaminants. Air quality is freshened with healthy negative ions.

Ideal for Healthcare facilities, Small businesses or even the home.

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Reduces spread of viruses (Including flu and COVID-19)

Neutralises smells and odours, improving comfort levels

Eliminates bacteria and other dangerous contaminants

Reduces allergens in the air such as pollen, mould and dust

Freshens air quality with negative ions

  • AP200 dimensions: 355mm(W) x 550mm(H) x 200mm(D)
  • AP300 dimensions: 425mm(W) x 620mm(H) x 215mm(D)
  • AP400 dimensions: 400mm(W) x 655mm(H) x 240mm(D)
  • AP1200 dimensions: 390mm(W) x 950mm(H) x 398mm(D)
  • Certification: CE | FCC | ISO 9001:2015
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