Quattro Vanguard Macerator

SKU: 934-111565

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The Quattro range of pulp macerators are the most effective and reliable on the market. The high precision impeller with swept blades produces the finest pulp confetti that will easily flow through your drains to ensure you avoid the inconvenience of blocked drains. The tolerance on the controlled discharge system won’t let anything larger than 5mm enter the drain.

The Quattro sets the benchmark in infection control. Not only does it allow for completely hands-free operation, it also injects a micro dose of TECcare CONTROL at the end of every cycle. This kills all related HCA I Pathogens, protecting the machine for up to 24 hours. Capable of processing up to 4 bedpans/urine bottles or 2 washbowls at a time, the cycle time takes only 82 seconds and uses only 17 litres of water per flush.

  • Superfine maceration
  • Swept impeller blades spin at 1500rpm
  • Night mode - twice as quiet as any other macerator
  • Hands-free automatic open and close
  • Rinse protect cycle protects the machine for up to 24 hours
  • Anti-resonance pads for quieter operation
  • 17 litres of water per 82-second cycle


Width: 41cm
Depth: 52.4cm
Overall Height: 90.8cm
Loading Height: 78.4cm
Product Weight: 59kg
Warranty: 3 years
Motor: 600W

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