HospEquip is proud to be an exclusive agent for Kirton Postural Seating

What Kirton does is simple; make chairs to fit people. Posture and pressure care is their priority!

Since 1980 Kirton products have been developed based on the needs and recommendations of both users and healthcare professionals, so you can rest assured that they are fit for purpose and provide the utmost comfort and support for each individual.

Are you sitting comfortably?

The majority of the population assume incorrect sitting positions and unfortunately it is a natural occurrence for the body to slump and change its position regularly. That's why having the right seating option is so important!

HospEquip supplies the full range of Kirton Postural Seating options.

Kirton Duo Major Chair

For the non-ambulant user with profound posture and pressure care needs.

Dynamic features provide the ultimate in positioning and postural management for individuals who are at risk of developing an unconventional body shape, unable to maintain a midline position and require additional support.

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Kirton Florien Elite Chair

For the ambulant, semi and non-ambulant users with mid to high posture and pressure care needs. With both tilt-in-space and back angle recline functionality, the Florien Elite has a choice of a waterfall or contoured backrest and three armrest options to meet the needs of different care settings.

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