Alber E-Fix

SKU: AL-1566299

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With the e-fix electrical add-on drive for your wheelchair, you can cover longer distances quickly and more easily. The simple conversion involves swapping the drive wheels and installing the battery pack and control unit. That’s it. This means you can continue to use your customised optimally adjusted wheelchair. It is also possible to uncouple the drive wheels to allow for normal manual propulsion.

The quiet, yet powerful drive units are ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Being able to vary your speed from 0.6 to 6km/h allows you more manoeuvrability in confined spaces yet provides enough power to safely negotiate slopes. With a battery that weighs only 2kg, the lightweight slimline design ensures that installation and removal is easy with even one hand and most folding wheelchairs can even be folded up with the battery in place. 


Product Weight: 7.9kg (per wheel)
S.W.L: 170kg (MUW - 120kg)
Wheel Size: 22" | 24"
Battery: 36V Li Ion
Regulatory Compliance: ISO 7176-14 | EN 12184

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