ISA Stand Assist Lifter - XPlus

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The ISA stand assist lifter is designed to support transfers for people with some weight-bearing ability but who cannot stand unaided. The intuitive design enables family members and carers to easily affect an efficient lift. At the same time, the flexible adjustments allow for adaptation to the needs of a broader range of body types without compromising on the ergonomic function. 

The ISA XPlus features ergonomic handgrips that fit the natural shape of the hand and position of the hand and position of the wrist. Both the lifting arm and lower leg support can be adjusted to different height settings to suit the user's needs.

Other features include a push bar to ensure the smoothness and ease of mobility as well as a non-slip and large foot pedal for enhanced caregiver comfort. 


Width (XPlus): 64cm
Length (XPlus): 128cm
Max Leg Spread (XPLus): 102cm
Castors size front | rear (XPlus): 10cm | 12.5cm
Product Weight (XPlus): 52kg
SWL (XPlus): 200kg
Lifting Range: 50.5cm - 67.5cm
Warranty: Frame - 5 years | Handset - 2 years | Battery - 1 year
Regulatory Compliance: AS/NZS ISO 10535

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