Matrx Backrests


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Matrx backrests for specialist seating & mobility.

  • Easy set hardware as standard with other hardware options available.
  • Optional super-soft foam upgrade for Elite and Elite Deep Backs.
  • Optional accessories include laterals, chest harness interface and privacy flaps.
  • MX2 back has a solid contoured carbon fibre shell for maximum stability and is very lightweight and aesthetically appealing.

Available in 

  • Matrx Mini 
  • Matrx Elite 
  • Matrx Elite Deep
  • Matrx MX2 
  • Matrx Posture Back
  • Matrx Posture Back Deepp



Mini Width: 25cm - 35.5cm
Mini Height: 18cm | 25cm | 30.5cm | 35.5cm
Mini Contour Depth: 7.6cm
Mini S.W.L.: 68kg
PB Back | PB Deep Back Width: 35.5cm | 40.5cm | 43cm | 45.5cm | 50.5cm
PB Back | PB Deep Back Height: 30.5cm | 40.5cm | 50.5cm
PB Back | PB Deep Back Contour Depth: 12.7cm | 17.8cm
PB Back | PB Deep Back S.W.L.: 136kg
Elite | Elite Deep Width: 30.5cm - 50.5cm | 35.5cm - 50.5cm
Elite | Elite Deep Height: 25.5cm - 50.5cm (5cm increments) | 30.5cm, 40.5cm, 45.5cm, 50.5cm
Elite | Elite Deep Contour Depth: 7.6cm | 15.2cm
Elite | Elite Deep S.W.L.: 136kg
MX2 Width: 35.5cm | 38cm | 40.5cm | 43cm | 45.5cm
MX2 Height: 15cm | 23cm | 30.5cm | 40.5cm
MX2 Contour Depth: 7.6cm
MX2 S.W.L.: 113kg

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