Mobi-Pro Flexi Standing Aid


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The Mobi Pro Flexi is an ergonomic and compact mobile assistive mobility device ideal for people with low leg strength and some trunk balance who experience difficulty walking. With its rotating padded seats and knee support, the Mobi Pro Flexi is an excellent substitute for a wheelchair and its small turning radius makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

It is equipped with a manual leg spread mechanism, ensuring it can be adapted to work with most seating and it can safely be used in a moisture area such as a toilet. The Mobi Pro Flexi features rear castor brakes for added security and is virtually maintenance-free.


  • Encourages patient mobility and independence:
  • Easy transfer to and from a toilet area:
  • Accommodates most seating types:
  • Allows eye contact between caregiver and patient:
  • Minimizes manual handling by caregiver thus increasing caregiver safety


Width: 58.5cm
Height: 104cm
Length: 97cm
Product Weight: 19.5kg
Warranty: 5 years
S.W.L: 150kg
Wheel size: 7.5cm
Leg Adjustment: 43cm - 70cm
Regulatory Compliance: ISO 14971 | EN 12182

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