Ornamin Ergo Vital Mug 207

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The Ornamin Ergo Vital Mug features a clever, discreet internal cone to make drinking easy, even for those who are unable to tilt their head back. The conical shape of the inner mug means that because it tapers towards the bottom, it is still possible to empty the entire cup without needing to put your head back. In addition, the comfortable ergonomic handle makes it easier to grip, especially for seniors.

This makes the Vital mug an attractive alternative to nosey cups while still allowing users to maintain a neutral head position. This practical everyday helper is particularly suited to seniors, especially those with illnesses such as Dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's  or people with handicap. In addition, the double-wall design provides extra insulation and keeps the drink at the correct temperature for longer.

There are also a variety of compatible lid options to provide additional safety and ease of use.


Diameter: 7cm
Height: 11cm
Capacity: 160ml
Weight: 145g
Dishwasher safe and Microwaveable

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