RoMedic ReTurn Belt

SKU: DHG-6032

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The patented ReTurnBelt is an excellent complement to the ReTurn when there is a need for greater support and stability, for example when the user’s weight-bearing ability is questionable or varies. The ReTurnBelt is easily attached to the ReTurn’s rising ladder. It can also be used separately, for support during sit-to-stand and to stabilise the user in an upright position. 

Available in multiple sizes and several different materials. The standard ReturnBelt includes 4 handles. The wipeable and disposable ReTurnBelt each have 2 handles.


Warranty: 1 year
ReTurnBelt XXS: 65cm - 80cm
ReTurnBelt XS: 80cm - 90cm
ReTurnBelt S: 90cm - 105cm
ReTurnBelt M: 105cm - 125cm
ReTurnBelt L: 125cm - 145cm
ReTurnBelt XL: 135cm - 155cm
ReTurnBelt XXL: 155cm - 175cm
ReTurnBelt XXXL: 175cm - 195cm
ReTurnBelt, Wipeable - S: 90cm - 105cm
ReTurnBelt, Wipeable - M: 105cm - 125cm
ReTurnBelt, Wipeable - L: 125cm - 145cm
ReTurnBelt, Wipeable - XL: 135cm - 155cm
ReTurnBelt, Disposable, Non-woven - S: 90cm - 105cm
ReTurnBelt, Disposable, Non-woven - M: 105cm - 125cm
ReTurnBelt, Disposable, Non-woven - L: 125cm - 145cm
ReTurnBelt, Disposable, Non-woven - XL: 135cm - 155cm

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