RotoBed Rotating Bed

SKU: RBF-0001

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The RotoBed® Rotating Medical Care Bed is the perfect solution for people who struggle to get in and out of bed. Designed to provide ease of use options for the home or aged care facilities. The intuitive remote control requires just a single button press to transition between sleep position and chair position.

The RotoBed also has full profiling functions allowing you to adjust the backrest, leg rest and overall bed height. Once elevated to chair position, the bed rotates perpendicularly towards the room to allow exiting or transfer. You can even set and store your favourite settings for exit height and backrest inclination so that the exit position can be optimised for each individual user.

  • SafeSleep Mattress: Includes specialised 4-layer SafeSleep mattress custom made for Rotobed
  • Short Bedrail: Short Metal Bedrail fits head end to provide support with transfers in bed
  • Long Bedrail: Laminate or Metal - provides excellent support when getting in and out of bed


Width: 96cm
Height: 32cm - 82cm
Length: 228cm
Product Weight: 165kg
S.W.L: 225kg
Mattress Platform Width: 85cm
Mattress Platform Length: 205cm
Regulatory Compliance: IEC 60601-2-52 | EN 60601-1 | 60601-1-2

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