Rovi A3 MPS Maxx Scripted Wheelchair


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After the success of the X3, ROVI started work creating the all-new power positioning solutions of the A3 power base to achieve clinical goals and respond to consumer requests. The A3 combines the patented Active Ride Control suspension system, powerful 4-pole EAD motors and a mid-wheel drive base to create an outstanding combination of function and accessibility with a uniquely compact footprint.

The innovative new Multi-Position Standing (MPS) System provides enhanced mobility. The ability to adjust to a standing position throughout the day has numerous medical benefits, including improved bone health, decreased skin tissue breakdown, greater joint mobility, enhanced renal and bowel function and better pain management.


  • Rovi A3 base with Active Ride Control Suspension: Modular Power Standing System (MPS)
  • Maximum attainable speed with MPS system - 9.3km/h: Reduced speed in standing position
  • Mid-wheel drive - Base only turning radius of 57cm: Compact base - 65cm(W) x 93cm(L)
  • Removable knee block is angle and height/depth adjustable to secure user while standing.: Recline with Extended Shear Reduction (ESR)
  • Compatible with the wide range of Motion Concepts’ accessories and the Invacare Matrx Seating products:


Product Weight: 95kg
S.W.L: 113kg
Seat Width: 40.5cm - 53cm
Seat Depth: 40.5cm - 51cm
Seat Height: as low as 47cm
Recline: 165°
Tilt: 45°
Regulatory Compliance: AS/NZS 3695.2 | ISO 7176-19

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