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The Shower Chair Re-invented!

SB1 SHOWERBUDDY - Easy transfer into a step-in shower – no modifications required.

Mobility impairment no longer requires bathroom remodelling.

Converting a bathroom for mobility needs is typically a major undertaking. Often the entire bathroom requires full remodelling including bespoke shower, toilet or vanity units to cater for these special requirements. This comes at a significant cost, time and stress. For people renting, coping with mobility needs can be harder still – bathroom alterations are simply not an option.

With ShowerBuddy, this is no longer an issue.

The ShowerBuddy SB1 was designed to offer complete shower and toilet use for individuals with mobility requirements – all without making a single change to existing bathroom fixtures.

In just under an hour of setup and configuration, the ShowerBuddy SB1 allows for transfer in and out of a step-in shower unit and positioning over a standard toilet.

Moving house? Just pack down the ShowerBuddy SB1 and set it up in the new home.


  • Chair & Bridge Design
  • No heavy lifting at shower time
  • Set up and use in under an hour
  • Durable materials and construction
  • No bathroom remodelling required


TRY THE BATHCHECK APP OR ONLINE MEASURING TOOL BathCheck is a mobile app that allows OTs, PTs, families and users to measure up a bathroom and determine if the Showerbuddy transfer system will fit.

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Weight capacity – 250kg (550lb)
Rolls over most standard toilets
Low maintenance
Arms removable / lockable / flipback
Height adjustable
Safety belts – lap & chest belts
Caster Wheels – 125mm (5”) x 4 locking
Safety mechanisms
No rust Aluminum frame (Grade 6061 T6)
Stainless steel parts and hardware (Grade 304)
Rotates 360 degrees inside shower (subject to space)
Footrest – fold-up
Commode system
Tool-free assembly

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