Spex Adapta Back Support

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The Adapta² back support has a two-section adjustable Profile Curvature System, providing contour to the thoracic and lumbar spine. The Adapta³ back support provides additional contouring options for more complex spinal postures by providing a three-section Profile Curvature System. The Adapta² has a strong aluminium shell made up of two independently adjustable sections to accommodate moderate to complex spinal curves. 

The Adapta³ has a third adjustable section to provide even greater contouring. The three sections can be adjusted individually in angle and height to support the pelvis and spine.


    Easily provide additional positioning: Extra contouring with wedges
    Rear positioned Profile Curvature System: Allows adjustments while wheelchair user is seated
    Less foam: Less heat and more comfort
    Accommodates complex postures: Including Lordosis, Kyphosis and Interior or Anterior Pelvic Tilt

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