TDX-SP2 Powered Scripted Wheelchair


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Featuring the Ultra Low Maxx seating system and LiNX control technologies, the TDX SP2 provides outstanding manoeuvrability, functionality and extensive positioning and support options. The Centre Wheel Drive enables exceptional manoeuvrability in compact spaces with a tight turning radius of only 56cm and seat heights as low as 44cm to easily fit under tables and desks.

The SureStep suspension and stability lock feature ensure all six wheels stay firmly on the ground when going over uneven terrain and keeps the seat unit level if your weight shifts forward when going down a kerb. The positioning combinations allow for ultimate pressure redistribution, function and comfort while the discreet elevation system allows you to raise up to 300mm.


  • SureStep suspension: soft and smooth transition over kerbs
  • Stability Lock: keeps all six wheels firmly on the ground
  • LiNX G-Trac Technology: enhances point to point driving accuracy by correcting deviations from intended direction
  • Durawatt Motors (6 or 10km/h): consistent power and speed over chair's lifetime and quieter drive and braking
  • Centre Wheel Drive: manoeuvrable and a tight turning radius
  • Adaptive load compensation technology: maintains consistent speed over uneven terrain and compensates for weight distribution imbalances
  • Drive experience requirements such as drive and turn speeds can be customised: programmed through LiNX control system


Height: 108cm - 153.5cm
Product Weight: From 156kg
Warranty: Frame - 5 years | Components - 1 year
S.W.L: 136kg
Seat Width: 40.5cm - 61cm
Seat Depth: 40.5cm - 58cm
Seat Height: 44cm | 46cm | 49cm
Back Recline: 60° - 170°
Power Tilt: 50°
Regulatory Compliance: AS/NZS 3695.2 | ISO 7176-19


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