Rovi A3 MPS Maxx

After the success of the X3, ROVI started work creating the all new power positioning solutions of the A3 power base to achieve clinical goals and respond to consumer requests. The A3 combines the patented Active Ride Control suspension system, powerful 4-pole EAD motors and a mid-wheel drive base to create an outstanding combination of function and accessibility with a uniquely compact footprint. The innovative new Multi-Position Standing (MPS) System provides enhanced mobility. The ability to adjust to a standing position throughout the day has numerous medical benefits, including improved bone health, decreased skin tissue breakdown, greater joint mobility, enhanced renal and bowel function and better pain management.

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  • Rovi A3 base with Active Ride Control Suspension: Modular Power Standing System (MPS)
  • Maximum attainable speed with MPS system - 9.3km/h: Reduced speed in standing position
  • Mid-wheel drive - Base only turning radius of 57cm: Compact base - 65cm(W) x 93cm(L)
  • Removable knee block is angle and height/depth adjustable to secure user while standing.: Recline with Extended Shear Reduction (ESR)
  • Compatible with the wide range of Motion Concepts’ accessories and the Invacare Matrx Seating products:
  • Product Weight: 95kg
  • S.W.L: 113kg
  • Seat Width: 40.5cm - 53cm
  • Seat Depth: 40.5cm - 51cm
  • Seat Height: as low as 47cm
  • Recline: 165°
  • Tilt: 45°
  • Regulatory Compliance: AS/NZS 3695.2 | ISO 7176-19
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