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SymmetriKit's job is to help clients achieve the best possible outcomes in 24 hour Postural Care.

24 Hour Postural Care means "Good Positioning". It's all about providing appropriate and comfortable support for those who cannot do this for themselves.

Good Positioning is relaxing, comfortable, supportive and sustainable. The equipment provided should be easy to live with and have minimal impact on carers.

The Positive outcomes we strive for include enhanced function, comfort, sleep and protection of body shape as well as easier care routines.

SymmetrKit Tiltrite Chair

Sitting properly takes effort to maintain a balanced position. If you are incapable of supporting yourself, you may need a little bit of functional support or a more complex solution.

The modularity of the Symmetrikit Chair can help you by providing the amount of support that is just right for you.

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Symmetrisleep enables people with movement problems to learn to lie straight. It can prevent body shape distortion or correct established problems when used as part of a 24 hour Postural Care Programme.

Maintaining body symmetry also protects joints from the destructive effects of gravity. The system allows for gentle progression by gradually introducing elements as tolerance improves. It is easy to use and adjustable for any age, position and bed.

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SymmetriKit Acheeva Chair

Acheevas have proven to be truly inclusive, allowing students who cannot sit in their wheelchairs all day to join in all classroom activities.

Acheevas use Symmetrisleep positioning elements to provide support in supine, prone or side lying.

Students who would otherwise struggle to maintain a functional position can relax and focus on learning and play.

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