Alber SMOOV Power Assist

SKU: AL-1459716

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The SMOOV one is an electric power-assist drive unit designed for active wheelchairs, significantly increasing the driver’s mobility and flexibility. Its discreet, unobtrusive design is extremely swift, able to turn itself on the spot while still remaining high-performance and efficient. The drive unit attaches to a small bracket fitted to the crossbar on rigid-frame wheelchairs. It can be used on folding wheelchairs with a wheel camber up to 2° by using an adapter axle. The intuitive docking and undocking of the drive unit is made even easier by its lightweight and ergonomic and wireless control unit.

  • Ergonomic carry and release handle: Locking claw for bracket mounting
  • EasyConnect charger socket: Integrated Li-ion battery
  • Rotating drive wheel with angle monitoring: SMOOV Mobility App available
  • Position light: Operating mode and remaining capacity display
  • Bluetooth connected control unit: Large On/Off button and ergonomic speed setting knob
  • Easy attachment to wheelchair: Discreet lightweight bracket
  • Integrated Li-ion battery: Display for operating status


Width: 14.5cm
Height: 34cm
Length: 38.5cm
Product Weight: 7.2kg
Warranty: 2 years
S.W.L: 140kg
Maximum Speed: 6km/h or 10km/h
Range: 20km
Regulatory Compliance: ISO 7176-14 | EN 12184

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