Excellent Ramp System


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Home modification & ramp systems!

Excellent Ramp Systems offer various modular ramp solution options to accommodate any space. This Danish-designed and manufactured product is made from environmentally friendly plastics 100% PVC-free, toxin-free and fully recyclable. The System can be customised to improve accessibility in any space.

A popular solution for bathrooms and shower recesses is overcoming awkward floor-level differences that make using a mobile shower commode difficult. Incredibly strong and durable, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It includes safety features such as guide rails, non-slip surfaces and even different colour tiles should you wish to highlight the edges to make them more visible.

The ramp system comes in various widths and gradients and can be easily trimmed to size. The height can be adjusted to the millimetre. Our installation technicians can offer expert advice to help you achieve the best layout.

  • Customisable 
  • Plastic Free
  • Improve accessibility in any space!



    Modular: Custom fit to any space
    Easily removable: Washable
    Various sizes and heights: Easy to trim to fit

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