Lena Freestanding Gantry

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Our Lena Freestanding Gantry offers the possibility of lifting patients up to 300kg easily and safely. The lift is used for lifting and moving patients from a bed, wheelchair, bath/shower and from the floor. Our Lena free-standing gantry system is a perfect alternative when building modification is not possible as it doesn't affect walls or ceilings. It works seamlessly with all our lifts and its flexibility means that it is easily moved to where it’s needed most and can be used by a number of clients. With a high weight capacity, the Lena provides a safe and easy lifting solution for most patients.

It is available in two widths (2.5m | 3m), both of which easily fit over a standard bed. Combined with our overhead lifts and slings, a caregiver can easily lift and move patients without risk of injury.


Width: 250cm | 300cm
Height: 229cm
Depth: 145cm
Product Weight: 30kg | 34kg
S.W.L.: 300kg
Regulatory Compliance: ISO10535

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