ProSling Gait Training Sling

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The ProSling range offers a variety of sling types for use with both yoke and pivot frame lifters. Designed to lift patients from seated (chair) or reclined (bed or floor) positions, the range is simple and safe to use in both home and institutional environments. This selection of slings is versatile enough for general patient transfers; toileting or hygiene care; and gait training or rehabilitation.

Versatile sling for patients who can partially weight bear; used to help with standing, gait or balance training and general toileting on either a mobile patient lifter or ceiling hoist. Supports the patient around the upper body and partly under the arms, with a padded leg harness for security. Recommended for gait training and rehabilitation for active patients (ie able to partially support their own body weight in their legs and feet). 


S.W.L: 160kg
Sizing: Please refer to the sizing chart in the description

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